Today, my weight is down to 167 lb., and my waist size has shrunk from 43 in. to 35 in. I can bend over to tie my shoes. But the big thing is that I’m not on metformin anymore. I control my type 2 diabetes with just diet and exercise.

 I hadn’t been on a bike in ages, but being with the program encouraged me to buy a new bike and get out there again. I started riding around my neighbourhood, and now I do 45 minutes out along the river and take on some hills. CHANGE has changed how think about what it means to be healthy.

Changing your diet and physical activity is so much more achievable when you do it with a loved one. Here’s how a 43-year-old Sales Coordinator and her partner, a 48-year-old truck driver, reached their health goals with the CHANGE Program.
Major changes in close personal relationships can impact both your mental and physical health. Here is how one 45-year-old man living in Québec City was able to find renewed energy and an improved outlook on life through the CHANGE Program.